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Peace through other means

From prayer to dance, to political activism, to the sharing of memories, to collective climate action, to re-humanisation: peace can be found, crafted, fought for and promoted in many different ways. This ‘room’ in our museum brings together a wide range of approaches to peace-finding and peace-building to celebrate the diversity of options we have available to us. Some involve mind work: meditation, or adjusting our thinking about in-groups and out-groups. Others are physical: channeling or communicating peace through our bodies. Some revolve around personal interactions: a cup of tea, or the exchange of grief, regret, stories. Others catalyse communities into collective action, so that everyone has a chance to play a part. Humans are a resourceful and creative species: there are as many ways to find and make peace as there are people in the world.

Inner peace

‘Inner Peace’ Otilia Meden, April 2022 Peace within me,  Peace surrounding me,  Peace from…

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Two Neighbors The brand Two Neighbors produces items of clothing which are the product of…

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