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Campaigning and activism

Peace does not make itself. It does not come about through the wave of a wand – or even through the signing of a peace treaty. Long-lasting, deep-reaching, sustainable peace usually has to be campaigned for and laboured over by many hands. In this ‘room’ we look at different kinds of campaigners and different forms of activism, from conscientious objectors to environmental activists. The stories told here reveal an important truth about peace: that achieving it usually involves fighting for other kinds of social justice. Peace-making and post-conflict recovery go hand-in-hand with campaigning for gender equality, the exercise of media freedoms, the protection of basic human rights, access to justice, and even tree-planting. Peace is not simply the absence of conflict, but the improvement of living conditions for everyone in a community – because a community cannot ever be truly at peace while injustices remain.

Two Neighbors The brand Two Neighbors produces items of clothing which are the product of…

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