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Diverse Voices

Soldiers in blue helmets. Politicians shaking hands in gilded offices. Women who walk across frontlines to talk to ‘the enemy’. Yoga teachers who help their students find inner peace. Children who campaign against gun violence or knife crime in their local neighbourhood. What kinds of people do you associate with peace-making or peace-keeping? And whose voices do we not hear from, when we talk and think about peace? In this section of our museum we feature some of the voices who have been marginalised – and even persecuted – in discussions of war, conflict-resolution and peace-building. Women, children, LGBTQ+, ethnic minorities, indigenous communities, religious groups, conscientious objectors, refugees and other unheard victims of conflict. Their views are vital in ensuring that the peace we make reflects everyone’s experiences and responds to everyone’s needs.

Two Neighbors The brand Two Neighbors produces items of clothing which are the product of…

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